As a hobby to keep myself busy I do enjoy crafting tems, with a technical twist. The technical twist normally means I have written some software to help me create the items, or using some machinery I have built myself, or modified from the manufacturer's original purpose.

In the past I have sold my creations on sites like eBay and Etsy, but now tend to just sell directly to people I know, or based locally, to keep things simple.

Laser on Wood

Laser engraving on to wood can really be done on any type. The laser power is adjusted dependng on the type of wood being used, harder woods will require more energy to get an image produced, or run at a slower pass rate so the laser has longer to burn the image.

More on Laser on Wood... coming soon

Laser on Metal

The power of the laser I have limits what can be done on metal, and requires a special coating. Due to this limitation I am constrained by what blank metal objects are available for laser engraving, but there is still quite a choice out there.

More on Laser on Metal... coming soon

Laser on Slate

Laser engraving slate is one of my more recent projects. I am limied by what blank slate products are out there, but still lots of images and text I can add to them for a bespoke project.

More on Laser on Slate... coming soon