Welcome to Andrew The Nerd!

This is my little corner of the web where I share ideas, interests, and hopefully inspire others with my musings. I've been a nerd long before it was popular, and certainly before it was cool to call yourself one! Here, you'll find a blend of my professional expertise and personal passions. I delve into project management, covering everything from large-scale banking and government projects to agile solutions for start-ups and small businesses. My software development experience spans C, Python, and PHP, across both Linux and Windows environments.

In addition to my professional work, I share examples of my coding projects and insights into my hobbies: archery, canicross, and allotment gardening. These activities often inspire me to create with a technical twist, leading to innovative crafting projects. I hope you enjoy exploring the site and find inspiration in the diverse range of content. Check back regularly for new updates and additions.